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Fixed Errors
Views: 174 · Added: 1246 days ago

I just wanted to let everyone know that some of the errors are now fixed that should include, Favorites, and Friends. We are working on all the others as well, and will have another update in just a few hours. I really do appreciate everyone talking the time to spot and inform us about the problmes. Thax guys

Wet Dream
Views: 174 · Added: 739 days ago

Did you ever have one of those wet dreams that was so intense? Well I had one that was just that. It was the kind that you didn’t want it to end I could clearly see a hand stroking my hard on which was huge and I could see all of the veins down to the smallest ones just bulging out and the head of my boner was the deepest purple with the shaft a deep red , in this dream I could also see some one sucking on my boner and my hips pumping it in and out of a mouth. I could hear a little voice in my dream saying don’t let this end and all of a sudden I let lose a load of cum in the mouth that wouldn’t end I could see my boner throbbing as I was pumping my cum into the mouth . I started to wake up still in a daze but sensing my surroundings is my bed room and my heart is pounding away. I hear a voice are you all right and it is Nate lying next to me were both on our side facing each other, man I just had the best wet dream I said and I could feel I still had a ragging boner. Nate said yeah a good one? yeah I said and I reached down and was checking to see how much did I cum, and I could feel my cock was damp but no cum. Man it was so real I told Nate.
Nate had a big smile on his face and was caressing my chest and said it wasn’t a wet dream it was me sucking on your cock. Nate said it might have started out as a wet dream but at some point you started to hump the side of my hip so hard the you woke me up and you had a grip on me it took some time to get free form you fucking my hip, so I rolled on my side and started to jack you off he said and that my cock was so fucking hard he said I thought it was going to bust. Nate said that he did not realize how strong I was until I forced his head down and shoved my boner in his mouth. Nate said I was fucking him so hard in his mouth that he gagged a couple times when I was driving my boner deep down his throat. By the time you started to cum you were moaning and had a death grip on my head and you let lose the biggest load of cum in my mouth he said with a big smile.
All the while Nate was telling me this I was rubbing his boner through his underwear which was real damp from his boner dripping, I just smiled at Nate pulled his boner out from his underwear and pulled back his foreskin and started sucking him off . Nate didn’t last five second and stared to cum, I just love the feeling of Nate’s cock throbbing and pumping his cum in my mouth. Nate and I feel back to sleep with him in my arms. Man that was the best fucking wet dream to this day.

mitchellaburn leaving
Views: 174 · Added: 128 days ago

I am leaving gbt

Video of the sexy guys???
Views: 174 · Added: 988 days ago

I noticed the pic of these two guys, but where is the video--does anyone know?


Views: 174 · Added: 633 days ago

hello i'm jake uk. i'm a youngteen in midlands

good morning
Views: 174 · Added: 176 days ago

ive got nothing on my mind this morning, can't find a decent new vid to wank too. hope you all have a great day! wank one off for me.

Waste of time.
Views: 174 · Added: 1246 days ago

Hello. I have to agree with Devonian, and others, that this site has gone from bad to worst,alot of my stuff has gone missing, my request part has gone, so i dont think i will use this site until its been sorted out,so can i please ask the admin to email me when its all sorted out.


Views: 173 · Added: 550 days ago < ---------o melhor blog gay do brasil, não é virus ou spam. entra la e curte um pouquinho. não esqueça de comentar, é sempre bom saber o que os leitores querem *----* < ---------o melhor blog gay do brasil, não é virus ou spam. entra la e curte um pouquinho. não esqueça de comentar, é sempre bom saber o que os leitores querem *----* < ---------o melhor blog gay do brasil, não é virus ou spam. entra la e curte um pouquinho. não esqueça de comentar, é sempre bom saber o que os leitores querem *----*

Views: 173 · Added: 214 days ago

Nervous about getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow. Worried something will go wrong.

Views: 173 · Added: 1226 days ago

Still having start and stop issues with the vids.

Hello everyone!
Views: 173 · Added: 548 days ago

Its Sunday and I've decided to try something new. My realtor and new friend has talked me into trying a hobby of his... Skydiving! Yes I know its kind of a waste jumping out of a perfectly good plane but I just cant say no to his baby blue eyes. Going for my first lesson today wish me luck. I remember a bumper sticker I saw once "prachutes are like friends, if they are not there when you need them chances are you wont be needing them again" I'll let you know.....

Alan blog response
Views: 173 · Added: 462 days ago

Obviously this guy that is leaving the blogs the canceling his account has no balls or is someone who already has an account IN A DIFFERENT NAME you know who you are its not difficult to work out. This is the message I wrote to his 1st blog but by the time I went to post it the coward had already ran away.....

Sounds like you are the evil one, life is about who you are now not who you were under extenuating circumstances. Sometimes in life we have to do things to survive that we are not always proud off but he has struggled to pull himself up, as for forgiveness thats what you have to do in order to move on is forgive yourself first and others follow on. Sorry you sound so bitter but I wouldent mind guessing there is much more to this than simply a new account added 2 days ago for the purpose of writing this not so sure I beleive you are real and more likely someone that has invented a profile for the sheer pleasure of upsetting and annoying people with this crap. As for new friends they are only freinds if they see past this pile of horse shit

Views: 173 · Added: 843 days ago

meet today

I've been working very hard with my family to make my father's funeral day as beautiful and memorial as possible to all our family members, relatives and friends. Funeral will be held next Wednesday 19th June. I've flown from Bangkok to Europe and back once during this time and having flight back there again next Monday. Maybe I'll stay there 1-2 months taking care of all material and practical things like his will and inheritance. Lots of things to do...but I'll be back here on GBT as soon life is in “normal” way and balanced and in the meantime from my heart I send You all regards, hugs, kisses and Greatest Thanks again! Love, Toni

Refusal to React
Views: 173 · Added: 547 days ago

Just to be very clear. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and their statements. What they say about their opinion...and those that I know and those that know me...I take your comments to heart. To those that don't know me, or have never made an attempt to know me...your opinion doesn't matter. So spread your stories where ever you want, because it has no impact on me. Just so I am clear. Just sayin'

Views: 173 · Added: 104 days ago

can you jo with either hand or you a one hand kind of guy? i'm right handed only.

Any guys around Norfolk, UK?
Views: 173 · Added: 659 days ago

I've been searching for ages to try and find guys my age (18) to hook up with and have some fun. If anyone's out there give me a message and can see what happens. Even if you're not in Norfolk drop me a message and could cam or something :)

Guys with long hair
Views: 173 · Added: 106 days ago

What do you think about guys with long hair? Do you think they are hot? Or does it turn you off?

With long hair I mean shoulder-length hair...

star tattoos
Views: 173 · Added: 752 days ago

I have been wondering what a star tattoo means if anything - emblem or sign or brand? If anyone knows, pls inform.

Views: 173 · Added: 779 days ago


If you want jerkoff with me, please add me eric46savage on Skype. 18-23 years old only. Thanks.

Views: 173 · Added: 779 days ago

Please drop a message. Thanks!

Views: 173 · Added: 1007 days ago

hi im looking for a chat my email is

clubbin !!
Views: 173 · Added: 397 days ago

what's the hot club in your city ?
what's it like ?
what do they play ?

Open Message to Web-Cam Users
Views: 173 · Added: 912 days ago

Or, to anyone making their own videos...on the very off-chance that someone here would want to make a video to share...these are just a few suggestions for making a successful, good, watchable video. The most important item, guys, is lighting: if we (your audience) cannot see what's going on, the video ain't gonna get high marks. Even if you're not going to show your face (understandable), you still need to have whatever it is you ARE going to show well-lit...otherwise, what's the point? Think about what you're going to do and what you're going to show...take a close look at where you're going to shoot your video and see what the lighting looks like. Take a practice video, just to make sure. Basically, the arrangement should be lights, camera, then you; if the lights are off to one side, then you can change the arrangement to camera, lights, and then you. You should *never* be between the camera and your lights, although you can certainly have additional lighting behind you; just make sure it's not too bright (again, take a practice video). If at all possible, have sound...especially if you're one of those wonderful guys who gets a little noisy when you're about to cum! Sound adds an incredible amount to any video. Try not to move the camera around too much, if at all. The best is to set the camera up in such a way that YOU can move around within the shot. That's not to say you should never pick up your camera during the video; a few close-up shots, or "detail" shots are fine...but, too much moving around will just make your viewers motion-sick! Now, if you're doing a j/o video, please, guys, either do it all the way to a climax, or, don't bother. "Teasing" videos are cruel and unusual punishment, especially if you're really cute! Last but not least, camera-angle. The absolute worst position for the camera is, unfortunately, THE most popular with the subscription-sites as well as with amateur video-makers: the guy is laying on his back, with the camera set low, between his legs, so all we can really see are his bouncing balls. Now, bouncing balls are lovely, but, that's NOT what we really want to see. It's not called the money-shot for nothing, guys....we want to see you cum! The absolute best angle is a three-quarter view, where your (hopefully) spurting cock is in clear view, and we can also see your tummy and chest, where all that lovely cum is gonna splatter...even better, if we can also see your face as you're shooting your load! Or, directly from the side, again allowing the viewer to see your cock and the "landing-zone"....Best of all, of course, is to have someone else taking the video, but, then, you'd probably be doing stuff with HIM and not making a video in the first place!!

uk lads?
Views: 173 · Added: 794 days ago

Any one north east up for meets? kam fun, making vids?
in UK

erection with foreskin
Views: 173 · Added: 325 days ago

Love guys who hav a foreskin that stays over some of the head while they are erect. (Am cut myself). Like this one in 1 of my posts
Any pics/vids u could recommend would b gr8

What defines you as a man
Views: 173 · Added: 159 days ago

The best index to a person's character is how he treats people who can't do him any good, and how he treat people who can't fight back Abigail Van Buren

Video removal
Views: 173 · Added: 634 days ago


Can anyone please help me in how to delete a video from this page? It is a video of me, I did not upload it and I don`t want it on here.

The person that put the video on the site tried to remove it, but it only got removed from his user, not the page. Now you cant edit the video either. Please help me in how to remove it.

Anyone that can help me with this?

Elmhurst IL
Views: 173 · Added: 674 days ago

Hey I wanta know if anyone on here is from Elmhurst IL or by here? Let me know lol PM me or email
FYI im 17 6'1 and about 190 lbs let me no if u wanta have some fun lol

what with all these huge black guys
Views: 173 · Added: 987 days ago

as i look through this site and most of the black guys are huge over muscled "monster" (holly crap they could start a big gay army lol" so where is all the smaller none thuggish black guys?

first time anal
Views: 173 · Added: 738 days ago

was it painful or pleasurable?

Views: 173 · Added: 1032 days ago

Sheerness Kent UK
Views: 173 · Added: 706 days ago

hi all, are there any gay or lesbian people in sheerness or on the isle of sheppy? if so ,is there a bar or club? if not does anyone want to get one started.. feedback please xx


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