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One Year Anniversary
Views: 186 · Added: 174 days ago

Today marked my one year anniversary here on GayBoysTube! I just want to say "thanks" for all the friend requests and rate-up's!

I also want to say "thanks" to all the members that have enjoyed my photo's and video's! I always try to upload photo's and video's that I think are above-average. I may not always succeed, but I do my best.

I look forward to spending another year with all of you here on GayBoysTube!

skype in swindon
Views: 186 · Added: 1094 days ago

hey guys, looking for young boys my age (ask in a messege for age range) for skype to chat, maybe vid chat. add me on skype or messege me on this, cnt wait :)
(prefably in or near swindon)

Views: 186 · Added: 261 days ago

Peeing is such an underrated activity.

Online Gaming
Views: 186 · Added: 838 days ago

going to play some killzone3 what your favorite online game these days??

Views: 186 · Added: 863 days ago

was watching a cool self suck video, used to be able to self suck when was younger, not flexible enough now lol. interested to know how many here can self-suck and do you cum in your own mouth?

Views: 186 · Added: 351 days ago

Are you interested in skyping with me. Please let me know. I'm 22 years old and horny. lol. :P

add me on facebook please
Views: 186 · Added: 838 days ago

Add bob gay on facebook

Notoriety/Bad Publicity
Views: 186 · Added: 97 days ago

Here's another one for you guys.

When I was single I pretty did what most of you do, shared pics and some vids with guys whom you could trust and enjoyed what you did and looked like and all; not so much now of course. With them I was never worried that I'd up on Tumblr or Reddit or even here, cuz we're friends first and foremost and we respect each other.

Thing is, I'd never upload myself, faceless or whatever, to a site like this one because you know it'll just get shared to the ends of the earth and beyond.

So, my question is - to those who upload themselves and to those who don't - why do you do it? How do you deal with it? And so on. And I am aware some guys have had issues with this from reading past blogs, so I know shit happens and all.

To a very special boy
Views: 186 · Added: 234 days ago

It stepped out of the darkness, filling my room with warmth and life - I trembled knowing its power and grace.

Views: 185 · Added: 944 days ago

Wana meet someone between 16-28 near Swindon tonight im 26 slim goodlooking in the RAF please get bk.

Views: 185 · Added: 296 days ago

I finally have a boy friend.

Views: 185 · Added: 296 days ago

I just wanted to point out

Some Irish beauty to warm your day
Views: 185 · Added: 508 days ago

Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.


Friendship firecracker to anyone who can name the poet. Have a beautiful weekend and I love all of you very much,


Views: 185 · Added: 725 days ago

Hi,i can`t look videos on Gayboys tube.All other sites work,Flash Player 11 work,only on this site ,the videos cant`load.Please if anybody got the same Probs,or know what goin wrong tell me.I am in Germany

Views: 185 · Added: 943 days ago

Anybody up for a meet near swindon tonight for a bit 27 fit

Views: 185 · Added: 72 days ago

Men's sexual health is a very important issue. Use this brief guide to help you stay healthy, stay safe and have fun. Sex can and should be fun and safe for all! ~ Source:

Why are the videos jamming up, stoping, not working, working as a picture slide show?!

Views: 185 · Added: 528 days ago

just a light-hearted approach to a subject, let all the other guys discuss the more serious or sexual subjects. Do you wear them or thinking of buying one, or do you think they are drab, personally I dont think I would ever buy one, dont think they are suitable attire for guys, no trap doors on them.

Views: 185 · Added: 914 days ago

Guys girls who like to get off!

anyone wanna arouse daddy?
Views: 185 · Added: 171 days ago

i get so aroused thinking about being with a hot young teen... love those twink boy bitches with the smooth young bodies... anyone share my interest

Most popular members on community page.
Views: 185 · Added: 405 days ago

How does it work. Is it views/ratings/friends?

Ever want to be dominated?
Views: 185 · Added: 755 days ago

I'm 24 and I have a huge fetish, and it's to dominate younger guys.....or even have my own slave boy ;). Who here wants to be dominated or be a slave? Give me a message ;).

Views: 185 · Added: 304 days ago

who would join me if i opened a gay nudist club/camp in southern ohio? nice pool, hiking, lake, restaurant and clubhouse. gays only, all nude. cheap rates. i may have an investor....

Question ( Its not porn related so I hope I dont get into trouble but you seem like an intelligent bunch) Whats all the hoopla about WINDOWS 8? Does anyone have it? Does anyone like it or dfislike it? Should I rush out and get it? I made the mistake of buying windows 2000 when it first came out, boy was that a colossal turd. I could use some honest opinions. If I am allowed to ask non- controversial questions

can't sleep
Views: 185 · Added: 214 days ago

3 nights at the in-laws, wonderful holiday but my partner says no intercourse at his rents house...they can hear. so we get home tonight and make up for it. wore out, tired and balls drained and i can't get to sleep. what is the matter with me?

Views: 185 · Added: 362 days ago

So it has been 3-4 months since I had sex and I am thinking of having a Fuck-A-Lot Weekend coming up next weekend when I go home and let guys fuck me back open (and to their hearts content)! I want to do one night at the gloryhole...but I want to know some creative ideas. What can I do to get the word out there and be safe at this Fuck-A-Lot Weekend!!!??? How should I even approach this whole idea of madness? XD lol. Please leave your comments and suggestions! Thanks guys!!!!

Views: 185 · Added: 974 days ago

i am happy to be here
Views: 185 · Added: 300 days ago

it is a friday the fourth of october,,2013..there has been a lot of turmoil here lately..suicides,,manic ,,,deletions,,,negativity......we need to stay together...i will be here...thru it..good people here will too..

cuddle in public
Views: 185 · Added: 780 days ago

do you like to cuddle your bf in public or your best mate i do all the time and it funny how you get told not to do that y i ask and get told it wrong it nice to cuddle dont you think

Your Favorite Youtubers !!
Views: 185 · Added: 659 days ago

Hey guys just thought we could share our favourite youtubers with one another. Im going to pick one Big youtuber (1 mil+ views) 2 medium size (100K +) and 3 small ones. Check them out. Youtube has helped me with my sexuality, maybe it can with yours as well. (btw not all these youtubers are gay) Big youtuber NO.1 CHARLIEISSOCOOLLIKE: 2. Jacksgap: 3. Tyler Oakley 4. PandaManDanny 5. ThatRandomGayGuy: 6. Jaackintosh:

......... They are my personal favourites :) what are yours?

Views: 185 · Added: 55 days ago

I guess i am lonely !
Views: 185 · Added: 322 days ago

Hello there, this is my confession on public or even telling somebody about it, that i am bi or gay, i don't even know wich one i am ! I live in Morocco where everything is strict with the tradition, the first sexual contact was at age of 8-9 with a girl, still young i was touching her P & she was touching my D even when we where taking a class room pic (Hahaha)Few years later i had another sexual contact with my cousin where he was older then me, he tried to "Peneterate" me smoothly but i coudln't handle it (+ i was stupid at age of 12) my mom suspected something, so whenever i was with him she was always looking & picking about what we were doing, then i had another sexual contact with another cousin i liked him & he liked me ! we where trying to change turn (Bottom<=>Top) but we couldn't penetrate with the whole D, after that i met a british girl at summer, we done everything together ! Every fucking thing ! I loved her that i wanted to fucking marry her ... But the summer is over & she left :(
Meantime when i was still with a sexual contact with that cousin that i liked ... Few years after all contact with him was over. I tried to meet girls, i couldn't satisfy their demands cause i was & still a bit fat (About 90 Kg) So i started dating foreign girls they were more open minded more then this Arabic girls that had a quota of education & manners !
16 yo, i end up meeting the cousin ... after a long chit chat we ended up touching our dicks he had a god damn huge one ! few days later we decided to finish this "Just sexual" relation.
17 yo, i was playing xbox at home suddenly a ex-collegue from school came home to play a bit, after talking about summer he was watching porn, so he said "Let's who got a Dick similar to this porn star" Well it seems i had the bigger one ! He started touching then sucking it smoothly, i stopped him because my family were at home & they could open the door at anytime, so went down to the building garage in the elevator we met a women & my cock was hard that she could notice it so we jumped out from the elevator at the next floor & waited until it was empty " The elevator" ... here we are at garage him sucking smoothly "It was his first time" i cummed in the floor ... We took a Rendez-vous at his house ... I went there nothing special just him & i sucking each other ... Few months later we put beside sucking & we started kissing but at the end they were no Anal ... Well atm he went to france for studies after me & i took a bachelor degree ... 17 years old stuck in a country where there's no such things as gay rights, next year i will deposit for a schengen me & some str8 buddies to see the euroepean hospitality ... & maybe after i take a economic master degree i will live in one of 4 countries (UK,Czech,sweden or netherlands) Meanwhile i will sit back waiting for the summer of 2014 :)

Just for info, why i did this post it's because i was born in a country were it's based about sex, no feelings at all ! This is why i am thinking about traveling ...

i am going to london for international gay pride. now some will ask why i dont say 'gay marriage'. firstly and in my opinion, 'gay' include too many politics not all agree with. mainly however, if 'gay' cover all in community why we say 'lgbtq'? now many know i am aspie so this may sound so literal and all black/white ~ no it is valid comment on the term. so now on another term, 'marriage'. to me (and i have talk about me faith here before) marriage is a word that define a 'holy rite' and this may upset many who might otherwise say, 'no, america is a democracy with constitution so live and let live' you know?

i have mention this before but now let me make personal. i want the human right of being in 'legal relationship' that non-discriminatory against same-gender couples. we have separation of church and state (which mean freedom of religion not from it) so how can expect state to legalize 'holy rite' based in largest faiths of world? this why i say 'legal relationship' that does not cross the line of church/state and since legal, use the language of law that is still (in usa) latin: matrimony comes from matrimonium means same thing as marriage.

so, i want to hear from people that would support same-gender leaders come back to washington and all organizatiosn to unite in calling for federal law similar to the doma, let that law stand but create a law like it called 'right to matrimony act' or 'rtma' for both house of legislature to pass and forget all this state voting stuff. in other words, let federal law for marriage stand and create equal law to let matrimony to exist and all states abide by it. please do not compare this to separate but equal. this means same and equal only. thank you for constructive and positive comments and i will bring these to london when i go on 6 july for big day on 7 july (also me birthday #21 and time to take on new responsibilities :)

Log on
Views: 185 · Added: 1355 days ago

I have been trying for days to log on to this site but have not been able to I have now re registered does anyone have any Isea when or if the site will be back to normal

Winter is coming!!!!! -- Tomorrow night!!
Views: 185 · Added: 484 days ago


Any of Game of Thrones fans????

I hear season three is going to blow minds. The white walkers are f'n pissed.


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