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anyone in the green bay area?
Views: 201 · Added: 849 days ago

hey just wanting to know if there is anyone on here(besides me) in the green bay area or in Wisconsin in general that wants to chat?

Guess the song :)
Views: 201 · Added: 890 days ago

'Rised up this morning'

Stop having set “qualifications” for a boyfriend.
Views: 201 · Added: 629 days ago

Stop having set “qualifications” for a boyfriend. Being a lover is not a fucking job, and you’re not hiring a fucking employee. and yes, they will make mistakes. Yes, they will be different from what you expected. They’re human, and they have no fucking clue what they’re doing. But they love you, and they love every minute of you. So please, give them a chance.

Favourite photos
Views: 201 · Added: 54 days ago

all my favourite photos have disappeared,anybody else?

add me on facebook please
Views: 201 · Added: 954 days ago

Add bob gay on facebook

Do you still enjoy the holidays? I DO!
Views: 201 · Added: 339 days ago

I know it's popular to be cynical and complain about the holidays. And I know that people are always whining about the commercialization of the holidays but I really still like the holidays. Just for the simple elements of them. No one has to take part in the commercialization of a holiday. We can all still have a good time. Still enjoy friends and/or family. I won't lie though,I love getting presents that I don't deserve. Point is, you don't have to spend 40 grand in wal-mart and trample 3 Taiwanese toddlers to enjoy Christmas. Simple is better anyway. Just spend time with someone you can stomach. Have some fun. Relax.

Waste of time.
Views: 201 · Added: 1461 days ago

Hello. I have to agree with Devonian, and others, that this site has gone from bad to worst,alot of my stuff has gone missing, my request part has gone, so i dont think i will use this site until its been sorted out,so can i please ask the admin to email me when its all sorted out.


Waste of time.
Views: 201 · Added: 1461 days ago

Hello. I have to agree with Devonian, and others, that this site has gone from bad to worst,alot of my stuff has gone missing, my request part has gone, so i dont think i will use this site until its been sorted out,so can i please ask the admin to email me when its all sorted out.


Views: 201 · Added: 1462 days ago

This is getting stupid now, when admin first announced the site was getting updated, I was really glad, because as good as the site was it was kinda buggy. I thought to myself ok this update should take no more than 48 hours... a week later and the site has gone to shit, videos not playing or disappearing completely, unable to view your own profile/favourites/photos etc. Even unable to upload anything on to the site. It really is taking the biscuit now, admin has claimed to have rebuilt the site from the ground up, well clearly some one fucked up some where cos how on earth did such a good site turn to shit? My requests bar went from being unable to see my requests to gone completely. I hope this all gets sorted out soon cos I would hate to have to start looking for a site that is as good as this one was.

Same Vid, Different Name
Views: 201 · Added: 1035 days ago

Why do we get the same vid, but under different names? All this does, surely, is slow down the server and I'm sure it makes some of the older vids impossible to view. Oh well, that's life.

How do u go?
Views: 200 · Added: 1030 days ago

Views: 200 · Added: 997 days ago

Is anyone interested in skype chats, please add me, my skype name is cicero1245.

We are the Champions ...
Views: 200 · Added: 133 days ago

England ... USA ... Spain ... Belgium ... Costa Rica ... Ghana ... Potugal ... BRAZIL ... all out, hehe

Sunday starts the football world cup final 2014 in Brazil (or for all you north americans the good oldfashioned original english word 'soccer' lol)


guess the score, who is the new champion?

my heart is beating for Germany, but we will have a big party anyway, hehe

Views: 200 · Added: 759 days ago

Would anybody like to text me? Only for guys 18-28 I just need to talk :(

Twitter abuse received by Tom Daley after he revealed yesterday that he is in a relationship with a man, is proof of how bad cyber bullying can be.

Some abusive responses to Tom Daley’s coming out, during which the Olympic diver revealed he is in a relationship with a man, during a debate around cyber bullying.

”There was one, I’m not even going to repeat some of the language as it is pretty horrific. One person is saying he is no longer a fan of Tom Daley because of the choice, as they call it, he has made.

“And one saying ‘I’m now so ashamed of my country.”

Views: 200 · Added: 1053 days ago

anyone here from Sydney, Australia?

hello bloggers
Views: 200 · Added: 163 days ago

i haven't posted anything for awhile. the end of the schoo year has been busy, plus great outdoor weather leads me to be out in it! i long to be a nudist and wish there were more place around ohio to accpet public nudity, pools, beaches, private clubs. my partner thinks i am weird. is anyone else a lover of just being nude in natural surroundings? well hello to my friends and fellow bloggers. we need to make somethign out of this blog. maybe andy being back can help.

Views: 200 · Added: 1442 days ago

vids keep fucking up wot its going on with them any one else got probs with them

Sam's Birthday
Views: 200 · Added: 484 days ago

If I remember correctly (and if I don't please someone correct me) on July 25th Sam (Alexis Samuel) has his birthday. He is probably the sweetest person here on GBT, joyful, caring and deeply in love with his boyfriend. Please stop by (here or in his wall) to wish him Happy Birtday. Dear Sam may you have an amazing day and a wonderful year ahead of you. And thank you for been a true friend.

anybody know?
Views: 200 · Added: 1051 days ago

does anybody know why the live cam chat does'nt work?

ok fine, no more
Views: 200 · Added: 827 days ago

It seems like I have upset asheshauled and someothers so screw it no more blogs. I dont need to communicate here anyfurther. I will go back to watching the porn like before. I dont need this drama in my life.

Is it strange that I bypass all shaved cock videos?
Views: 200 · Added: 195 days ago

I dunno but tats and shaved cocks are such a turnoff.

Views: 200 · Added: 546 days ago

My name is max and I guess I am a strange guy. I enjoy being alone in peace and solitude. To do what I want with no one to judge me. I love watching movies, listening to instrumental music. When I am alone I jerk off, sleep, and forget about my issues, I let the naked human me come out. During the day I feel like I have to be an actor, pretend to be straight, pretend to enjoy talking to people. I also share a room, but on the weekend when I am alone... is when I am most happy. To relax and forget about the stresses in life. Some may describe me as skinny, nice, and nerdy. But there are times when I get lonely and wish I had someone there with me who will understand me. Personally I don't care whether it be a girl or guy, as long as our personalities matched. I want someone I can trust, to tell my darkest secrets, and most of all to sexually explore each other. But as of right now it seems I will not find that person, because I know that person is not very social, he or she enjoys solitude while being alone like me. Also I do not like sports, so ... if you like sports we wont work out unless you show me a good reason to like it. I am willing to go on adventures and explore the world.
Ohh I almost forgot the type of guy I like should be around my age, skinny, and smooth. I like girls who are down to earth, who dont make everything a big deal.

profile pic
Views: 200 · Added: 1257 days ago

Anyone else having problems uploading a profile pic?

Views: 200 · Added: 812 days ago

any guys on here from noth east pa??

vids not playing and ratings lost
Views: 200 · Added: 416 days ago

Since the new site update, I have not been able to play any vids on my android based phone.

Views: 200 · Added: 1260 days ago

hiin to young looking for mates in to same and to meet up for some fun love to meet boyz in the bradford/leeds area uk

Good site
Views: 200 · Added: 205 days ago

really glad i joined this site

Views: 200 · Added: 598 days ago

any plans for this year guys, or you just having a wonderful time at home.
Do you like sun or walking or hiking or laying at the pool soaking up the suns rays or eyeing up the eye candy or going to europe or getting rid of pesky wabbits, lol

wet sheets
Views: 200 · Added: 1121 days ago

i love waking up in the morning with my black boxers stained with my cumm ahhh i will also like to wake up with a mem beside me mmmmmmm

Welcome back ANDY or Nate88
Views: 200 · Added: 53 days ago

So Glad to see my Marine back in town .Even if its just for 2 weeks .

I still have the trouble.
Views: 200 · Added: 1461 days ago

I'm still having trouble with this Site (Gayboystube)
And I am getting frustrated..

I still have the trouble.
Views: 200 · Added: 1465 days ago

I'm still having trouble with this Site (Gayboystube)
And I am getting frustrated..

Views: 200 · Added: 136 days ago


Drop My Pretenses
Views: 200 · Added: 270 days ago

Sometimes I wonder how its even possible to feel so alone in a world of millions. Right now I feel like I could cry forever. What do I even have to offer? Just some stupid dreams that will never become reality. I'm hoping that venting will at least slow the tears. Then just maybe they'll stop. Iv'e never felt so vulnerable and weak in my life. But today I just don't possess the energy to flash a fake smile, laugh at the insulting jokes, or massage your ego. I know that I shouldn't rely on others to make me happy, one day all I want is someone to make me laugh, to hold me when life breaks me down and tell me it will all be ok. Someone who sees past all the flaws and sees me for me.

Japan boys
Views: 199 · Added: 299 days ago

What is the point of having videos with masking ?


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